KoiTek Floating Watercress Planter

Floating Watercress PlanterThe KoiTek Floating Watercress Planter provides an excellent way to grow watercress for the koi to feed on while protecting the roots. The PVC tubing creates a barrier to keep the koi out while floating the coarse planting media just below the water surface. A 175 GPH pump continuously creates water flow through the watercress to simulate a stream bed like condition. The koi will eat what grows over the sides and the watercress will help clean the water. Watercress is an excellent food source for koi providing a rich mixture of vitamins, minerals and beta carotenes that improve the overall health and color of koi. No other plant is more beneficial to koi except for spirulina algae. Now the Floating Watercress Planter provides an easy way of growing this beneficial plant where a stream bed is not available. The planter is available in 2 sizes and each includes a 175 GPH pump with a 15 foot power cord. The pump hangs just below the planter and pumps cool water though a spray bar to evenly circulate water though the watercress plants.

Floating Watercress Planter PlantedIncludes:

  • Floating Watercress Planter - small 24" x 20", large 24" x 40"
  • 175 GPH pump with 15 foot power cord
  • Spray bar
  • 1 year warranty